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Membership in the R&D Council of New Jersey provides an invaluable opportunity for you and your organization to get more involved in the innovation ecosystem — to learn more, to share more, to grow more.

Get Connected

Progress is greatly enhanced when the lines of communication are open. The R&D Council helps bridge the communications gap between industry, academia and government for the benefit of all. Your active participation in the Council will help you build relationships among university, industry and government members that will open the proverbial windows of opportunity for you and your organization.

Give Back

The more you give back to the R&D community the more you will get back by ensuring it’s future growth and continued success in making our lives and our world better each day. The R&D Council actively supports numerous critical programs targeting tomorrow’s scientists to ensure the continued strength of New Jersey’s talent pool and to better prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges. Your support of the Council helps ensure the preservation of a healthy pipeline of tomorrow’s scientists while instilling the excitement and importance of discovery in young people throughout New Jersey.

Share Ideas

Like any organization, you will get out of the R&D Council what you put into it. Your active participation on committees and at regularly scheduled meetings will give you and your colleagues the unique opportunity to share non-proprietary ideas, guidelines, contacts and resources within the R&D community on subjects of shared interest. From intellectual property protection and homeland security to environmental safety protocols — get involved and you can help shape the path for the future. The Council is here for your benefit and how much you benefit will increase with your involvement.

Be Recognized

As you well know, research and development is not a 9 to 5 business; it is a lifelong commitment to discovery and to making our world a better place. No other organization exists in the state of New Jersey that honors the success of New Jersey inventors, dedicated educators, business people and R&D advocates at the state level. Your support of the R&D Council ensures our ability to continue celebrating innovation among some of New Jersey’s most inventive scientific minds.

Join the Research & Development Council of New Jersey and be a part of the Council’s mission to foster collaboration among leaders in industry, academia and government to drive the innovation economy in the state. Membership provides you and your organization with opportunities to learn, share and connect with other leaders in the state. Membership also offers rewarding ways to make an impact on the life and future career of STEM students throughout New Jersey.